xu:collective was born from the coming together of professionals working in Africa to propose alternative perspectives of the world in the discourses and practices of architecture, urban and environmental studies, graphic and multi-media design.


who we are

andreia moassab is an architect and urban planner. Moassab is currently the coordinator of the Architecture and Urbanism program at the Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-Americana, Brazil

patricia anahory is an architect and designer. She holds a Masters in architecture from Princeton University (USA) and an undergraduate degree in architecture from the Boston Architectural College.

salif diallo is a trans-media designer. He is professor in the Department of Science and Technology at the Universidade de Cabo Verde.


cape verde social [un]sustainability

The format of the hypermedia cape verde social [un]sustainability was conceived with the goal of bringing forth a systemic understanding of the concept of sustainability. We understand the need to subvert the current environmentalist paradigm in the Cabo-verdean context of scarce natural resources and a large, economically fragile population. Instead of blaming the population, especially women, for the rampant extraction of sand and firewood which have high environmental impact, our work reveals the national supply chain, particularly in construction, and shortages that propel people to undertake unhealthy, risky, poorly remunerated work with high environmental impact. Therefore, justice must guide environmental protection. In this sense, the cape verde social [un]sustainability site entry point already introduces the four pillars of the narrative: water, firewood, sand, and territory, which are synthesized in the menu icons of the main menu of the interactive video.
A series of data, illustrations, films and critical photo montages are unveiled along the navigation paths to invite reflection and understanding of a wide cycle in the production of environmental impacts, especially in poor countries. View this project online: http://www.xucollective.net/unsustainability


email: info@xucollective.net telephone: + 238 9141759 | + 238 932 7702 | address: Rua da Uccla n.38, Achada Sto. Antonio, Praia, Cabo Verde | website: xucollective.net | blog http://xu4innovation.wordpress.com/